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Are warm compresses and artificial tears not relieving your dry gritty eyes? You are not alone. The problem with these treatments is that they are difficult to consistantly maintain. And they are not effective at treating the underlying causes of dry eye. This combination of inconsistancy and ineffective treatment options may leave you strugglng to find some relief. Luckily, improved treatments for Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Disfunction are readily available. Which are effective in improving your tear quality and effectively treating and reducing the symptoms that you are experiencing. Unfortunately there is no cure for dry eye syndrome, but with treatment options like: LipiFlow, Thermal 1-Touch, IPL, BlephEx, and punctal plugs we can alleviate symptoms while reducing long-term damage caused by your condition.

Whether you are looking for treatment with your dry, itchy, red or watery eyes. Or you are looking for medical eye care treatment at our main office, EyeCare Associates, we have you covered.

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